A life i Live

This is the place where my journey started ever since 2011

2 more projects to do..

6 Mar - HRM

12 Mar - Entrep

someone pls save me now.. 

My mum asked me why am i putting myself through all these training and pain..

she knows that it’s a matter of time before i also collapse mentally..

i know i’m not as strong as what i used to be anymore..

things changes so quickly like how the wind blows by..

the body might be losing weight..

the back doctor wants to see me twice a week..

the health isn’t getting any better.. 

i still don’t quite get things myself..

" it’s not you.. it’s me…" 

it’s really getting into me..

i give myself till May..

Once it’s all over.. 

i will leave.. even if i don’t want to..

and never to be seen again..

Mentally, Physically and Emotionally Drained..

I just can’t seem to get over this whole thing..

The pain gets worse as time goes by.. 

maybe it’s really me for putting myself through all these..

Failing in r/s for a 2nd time is just as painful..

i don’t get why i don’t want to let go..

I heard things that hurt me..

and it caused me to have a nearly sleepless night..

people approach me today asking me whether i am alright..

it’s been tons of people approaching me this whole week..

maybe if the next doctor that comes by to ask me whether i’m alright..

i should just ask them to ward me immediately..

i controlled my tears today.. 


my emotions are at a lost..

seriously.. turning to alcohol and clubbing seems to be the thing that makes me happier..

i don’t know how long more i can last..

i know i’m getting weaker and weaker..

i’m just waiting for my whole body to break down.. 

results show that i might be slightly depressed..

I broke down and cried tonight once again.
I thought I would be able to get over it.
But it just hurt so badly.



不 牵手也可以漫步风霜雨雪
不 能相见也要朝思暮念
爱一生 恋一世

after hearing this song many times.. i started to tear.. 

Seeing doctor without getting MC.
Sinusitis?? That’s what the doctor is suspecting.
Mental stress or me not recovering from London? Hmmm.

I think it has been awhile since I last made a post here.

New Year’s gone and Chinese New Year is here.

I’ve gone to London and managed to come back. I thought I wouldn’t want to be coming back.

Things have changed? I don’t know. But my heart hasn’t. I will do my best to stay happy. But till I see him again, I don’t know what to expect.

Movie Love Story

I feel like my life is like those in the movies..

where both parties love each other..

but due to unforeseen circumstances..

have to leave one another..

and both are hurting though..

i can sense the pushing away…

he said it will be better for us…

but it’s painful..

as much as I know i need to let go..

but with feelings so deep..

someone please tell me how..

I said a prayer when I held your hand for the last time that night..
That God will lead us as we walked separate ways..
And in time to come, if it’s God’s plans, that we may one day be together again.

I’m still missing you.. With my heart so heavy and sad.
If only things weren’t this way and we could still be together.
I love you and this time, it will really take me awhile..

A broken heart that will take a very long time to heal.

And I hope my decision will make me better.

tonight i know i cannot sustain it any longer..

i can’t stop my tears..